Every person is unique in what they want to achieve from taking up Pilates. So get in touch to see what works for you.

All classes are 55 minutes in length.

Please note that I only offer private / duet sessions.


One-to-one sessions are great if you would like a bespoke session as the format and the exercises given are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Privates allow for greater progression and development using the full studio equipment.


Duets (2 person sessions) are great for teaming up with a friend of family member. Not only are these sessions motivating and fun, they are also a cost effective way to workout on all the studio equipment while still benefiting from the focused attention of the teacher.

Online Classes

Online Pilates classes via Zoom are a great way to keep up your Pilates practise when you cannot come into the studio, while you travel or cannot leave your home. These online classes are mainly mat Pilates classes although equipment can be used if you have it at your home.

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